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Chocolatiers Offering Homemade Candies Since 1904

Brummer’s Chocolates

is Family Owned and Operated

Founded in Jersey City, New Jersey, in 1904, Brummer’s Chocolates has always been a family owned and operated chocolate store. When Bob Brummer moved to Vermilion, OH, in 1980, he extended the business. George Brummer stayed in New Jersey, and together they have truly made a name for themselves as chocolatiers. Almost everything is homemade with the same, 100-year-old family recipe. Now owned by Mimma and Audie Bonderer, Brummer’s Chocolates still has the same sweet, family style enjoyed since 1904.

Gourmet Treats

Smiles All Around

Get The “Kid in a Candy Store”

Feeling at Brummer’s Chocolates

From homemade chocolates and candies, to unique gifts, cards, and Polish pottery, customers can find it all at Brummer’s Chocolates. No matter your age, you will instantly get that “kid in the candy store” feeling when you step through our doors. Dig through our assortment of gourmet chocolates and nostalgic candy, or view our fine selection of imported wines. Our selection of fine wine is second to none, and we hope you join us for wine tasting and great company. Brummer’s Chocolates has everything you need for gifts, or to enjoy time with your loved ones. Call us today at (440) 967-2329, or order online.

Trust Our Chocolatiers

for High-Quality Treats in Vermilion, OH

Most of our gourmet chocolates at Brummer’s Chocolates are made in house by our experienced chocolatier, and are ready to melt in your mouth. From our sweet caramel apples, to our taffy and fudge, you can find everything is perfectly handcrafted for our guests’ enjoyment. Stop by and meet our fun, friendly staff, and try some of our delicious chocolates and candy. While you are here, pick up a bottle of imported fine wine, and maybe some gifts to share with friends. There is no telling what you will find in our store! Contact Brummer’s Chocolates today to learn more about our candy and gourmet chocolate. Located in Vermilion, OH, we proudly serve Sandusky, OH; Milan, OH; and the surrounding areas.

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